Golden Points for VN from UAE

In my opinion, the love of Vietnamese people for the boys on the Vietnamese football team can be as simple as this.
A dramatic volley by Tien Linh at the beginning of the second half was like a battle cry of the red shirt boys, reviving the whole match. Just a few minutes later, Hai Quang again shot his foot in front of the penalty area, bringing the second goal, making the team feel like their equalizer chance was gone. One more close-range shot full of Cong Phuong’s identity. And finally, it was a blow to Van Thanh’s heart.
With so many goals, after this game is over, when you look at the number of yellow cards for rough fouls that are close to their own, your team will really understand that 20 minutes of playing on their Pencak Silat at the beginning of the half. 1 is a somewhat embarrassing thing.
Before this match, I was hoping that Indo would come out with a completely different spirit and form. The press says that their football is getting a new life. They also invited a Korean coach. They removed naturalized players from the squad to raise the spirit of unity and national will.
Perhaps, before meeting Vietnam, they are hoping to apply a formula of Vietnam U23, or a spirit like snow-white Changzhou. The bravery to draw 2-2 with a superior opponent, Thailand in the previous match, seems to show that they will have enough courage to dare to confront a giant like Vietnam.
Only thing, the spirit of aggression when the level and bravery are still not ripe, the result will have to be the same. “Snowly Changzhou” is not something any football team out there can replicate!
Now is the time when every team in Southeast Asia has hope to beat Vietnam. Becoming the strong that everyone aspires to beat is also the declaration for the level of the Vietnamese national team today.
In the midst of a game with so many negatives like this, what makes me most proud is seeing our boys still calmly playing with bravery and level.

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