The moment that Sheva buried all the efforts of Buffon and Juventus.
Serie A in the inter-millennial years was a powerful force in Europe. They have many stars, and the competitive environment in the domestic championship is always among the fiercest in the world. And the internal Champions League final between AC Milan and Juventus in 2003 was the culmination of that glorious era.
Entering the match, both showed their very high determination. A strong squad, led by two charismatic coaches, both of whom have proven themselves worthy of being stepped up to the podium. Besides, each team has its own reason to strive in the battle at Old Trafford.
It was Juventus’ fourth final in eight years, but before that, the Old Lady had only tasted victory once against Ajax in 1996. During that time, the Bianconeri was always the flagship of Serie A itself. fighting in the regional arena, so they don’t want to lose to assert their position.
And eight years, or the name Ajax, is also associated with the last time the red half of Milan enjoyed the air in a Champions League final. And this time, they want to win to overthrow Juventus, regain the pioneering flag for Italy in the continental arena as in the past.
Those are the reasons that made the match hot right from the start. Both teams have superior attack with names like Shevchenko, Inzaghi on AC Milan side and Trezeguet, Del Piero in Juventus. However, on a day when the defenses of both sides played too well, every opportunity slipped away in the frustration of the strikers. And in the end, the two teams pulled each other to the penalty shootout without being able to shake each other’s net.
Then, although he still showed his class in the fateful shots, Buffon still could not win against Dida. He was able to push two balls, but his teammates could not get past the Brazilian goalkeeper three times. So Juventus continued to regret the defeat in the final. And Milan won the silver cup for the sixth time in history.
The match that day also witnessed the moment when the wind changed direction. AC Milan became the flag bearer of the boot-shaped country with two more finals, including one victory in 2007. As for Juventus, the performance in the European arena gradually receded until. In 2015, they were able to attend a Champions League final. However, the Old Lady had to add two more times (another final in 2017) to taste the familiar bitterness.

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