Andre Gomes (part 2)

What does Barcelona need in Andre Gomes? Under the lead of expert in the trading market Jorge Mendes, Andre Gomes has had a great turning point in his career with joining Barcelona. Gomes is a young talent that is appreciated by professionals.

This was confirmed by journalist Cesar Izquierdo, who watched the Valencia club when he wrote about Gomes in the Superdeporte in September 2014, a few months after the player arrived at Mestalla: “Gomes is a new discovery. The tactical awareness, the agility in each phase and his creativity impressed me. “

“Andre Gomes is Valencia’s top player … He is on his way to becoming one of the best players in La Liga.” Rubén Uría (Cadena Ser)

“He could be a big star in the world, one of the top players in the world if he keeps the focus.” Gary Neville (ESPN FC)

Not only that, journalist Carlos Carpio of Marca has revealed that Real Madrid’s head coach Zinedine Zidane has praised Gomes as “the perfect substitute for Luka Modric in the center area and his long term succession in the starting lineup. “

The Barcelona club and coach Luis Enrique certainly recognized the talent of the young midfielder. So what does Andre Gomes have for Luis Enrique to put hope in?

In terms of fitness, Gomes possesses an ideal height for a central midfielder of 1.88m. With this height, Gomes has a clear advantage in aerial disputes. The strength of the former Vaalencia player is also remarkable. According to statistics from, last season, Gomes played a total of 2,375 minutes, more than the new teammate at Barca is Iniesta (2,245 minutes). According to La Liga statistics for the 2015-2016 season, Gomes has had 52 successesful passes, higher than Andres Iniesta (41 times) and Ivan Rakitic (13).

Although struggling with injury for most of the season, Gomes has showed great potential with his brilliant performances. Especifically in the match  against Malaga on 17/10/2015, only played on the field for 80 minutes but Gomes showed the overall excellence in numbers statistics. According to Statzone of FourFourTwo, in scoring situations, Gomes made 35/41 assists, two tackles, four hijackings and a successful interception phase. This showed Gomes could play attack as well as defense.

In terms of position, Andre Gomes is in the center of midfield. In his first season in Valencia, Gomes was used by Nuno Santo in various roles at the center of the midfield and was particularly successful as a defender in the Los Che attack. Nuno Santo in the 2014-2015 season applies primarily to two basic tactics: 4-3-3 and 4-4-2.

When running the 4-3-3 scheme, Gomes was the highest player on the midfield to assist behind three attacking players. With this position, Gomes always showed great tactical vision, the ability to manage in a narrow range, and sharp passes to bring teammates to favorable positions to finish.

When Valencia switched to 4-4-2, Gomes was one of two central midfielders and was intended to play high. And with this position, when attacking, Gomes would play behind Valencia’s attacking system to keep the ball moving to the edge of the pitch, creating pairs of strikers and can move straight into the area before 16m50 The enemy to finish with the quality shot. When moving into defensive phase, Gomes would join in defensive duties with Valencia’s remaining central midfield.

In general, Gomes is an attacking center-forward with a sharp tactical look and when needed, can also play as a defensive midfielder. This is reflected in his ability to select very good spaces. The tendency to operate in the central area, with the role of leading the game, launching tectonic lines for teammates to score goals and the ability to finish from far away is quite beneficial.

With what Gomes has shown, Luis Enrique has succeeded in bringing home in a young talented midfielder for Barça, a warrior for the Azulgrana. With his favorite 4-3-3 scheme, Luis Enrique could easily use Gomes as one of the top two midfielders, or he could be paired up lower with Busquets. With Gomes’ versitality in the midfield, Enrique has added a quality personnel to swing midfield to ensure ambitions in all the tournaments that Barca attends. This aligns with Enrique’s team building strategy.

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