Manchester City 2011-2012: Vibrant Youth (part 2)

When Roberto Mancini had set up a  4-4-1-1  formation for Manchester City. However, in the end that Aguero and Tevez (or Dzeko) were on the same pitch at the same time, the squad could be converted to 4-2-3-1 (with a forward striker and a technically gifted player with the same ability of attacking players from right behind) or 4-4-2. In this diagram, the City players moved closer together, with the two wingers centered in the center, creating the two corridors for the wingers to rise.

This ensured that Mancio’s ball handling system worked. We were not surprised with the image of a City player playing all-out attack with Zabaleta and Kolarov seemed to be entrusted with defensive duties for Joleon Lescott – Vincent Kompany.
It was this fascinating play that nearly gave Aguero and his teammates a taste of bitterness. City of that day was afraid of counterattack, especially the rebound from the opponent’s wing. The two best examples are in clashes with Sunderland and QPR in Etihad. The team did not know how to lose when the home was The Black Cat lead 1-3 through 80, but luck 2 late goals saved their lives. In round 38, QPR in the lack of people taught the City a lesson on the counter attack with the header crossing the header headed by Jamie Mackie. There are still two late goals in two different styles to win for the Blue Man: header from Dzeko’s corner and the match before Balotelli’s opponents Balotelli’s 16m round with Aguero. The two strikes were sweet and utopian when it brought home to the City of Manchester City Premier League trophy after 44 years of waiting, and Aguero lost himself with a stripped shirt of celebration in the ultimate joy in the 90th minute+3.
Again talk about the variety in the pieces of the City. The 2011/12 season witnessed the possibility of creating and ending opportunities in a variety of ways: blasting balls, slots or solo solos. The richness of this piece of art comes from the level of individual billions that Mancini owns. It is impossible not to say that the quality of the squad that Manchester City possesses is superior to the general ground, but the style of play is in the middle of the game and the more control of the ball. Good is the key to successful City in finding the title and win the hearts of the audience.
For many, the City’s 2013/14 season is less emotional than the 2011/12 season. In the season of 2013/14, the Man City collective is much more heroic and the throne is somewhat cold. They could have lost to Liverpool in the face-to-face match, but when Kop missed the game shortly thereafter, unstoppable and cold, City could hardly grasp the opportunity. The 2011/12 season saw a dominant City, but also fresh; Strong, but very fragile. But for Manchester City fans alone, watching a championship filled with emotion and a “heart attack” like that is much more memorable.
Nowadays, the young men of that day have become more dirty players, even Yaya Toure or even David Silva showing signs of age. No one says Jesus Navas is not exhausted, not trying; But one still remembers a 2011/12 Silva playing the right foot on the right leg with an unpredictable chain of action. Athletes Yaya Toure is now playing in the middle, while Kompany still plays well, but he has been on the other half of his career as the Belgian defender is now spending more time in Functional recovery room. With Joe Hart or Aguero still young, healthy and experienced, City can now enter the Champions League semi-final; But watching the Green Man now feels like they are more likely to be caught and harder to kick with the lower team.
It is said that City now need to change blood. They needed a substitute like Edin Dzeko, a more matured midfielder than Mangala, a replacement for Yaya Toure, a full-fledged name with Aguero, or new wings filling the feet. Worn out speed and sharpness. That’s right. If the Guendogan or Laporte elevated the Premier League championship with Pep Guardiola at least once in the next few years, it would not be a strange image. Just hope that the cup, the City of the future will revive the feelings of a passionate and energetic Man City 4 years ago …

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