English Premier League 2016 – 2017: A great football party (part 2)

Also on the list of new coaches although his name was too familiar with the English Premier League, was Jose Mourinho. The Specialist took a storming flight to land at Old Trafford. Mourinho is like a person with hands of Midas, wherever he goes, championship title will follow. For a club in the midst of a troubled time like MU, this is a good option.
Mourinho’s philosophy is as simple as he claimed: “Winning 1-0 is the easiest. The final result is important. ” It was a man who always took center stage in the game despite using any tricks on and off the pitch. With success in various European teams, Mourinho has always been considered a tactical coach. The combination of Mourinho and Manchester United put a big question mark on harmony. United’s legend, Eric Cantona, said he loved the former Chelsea manager but said: “Based on the game he applied, I do not think Mourinho is Manchester United.” However, fans are still curious whether Mourinho will change to adopt a tactical system suited to the tradition of Manchester United or will he turn to the philosophy of the Specialist that we already know? It will be a great worth to wait and enjoy.
The arrival of the “super chefs” like Guardiola, Conte will bring new flavors to enrich the Priemer League. But super-chefs like Arsène Wenger, Mauricio Pochettino, Juergen Klopp, Claudio Ranieri in the past season will also bring richness and excitement to the Priemier League’s tactical party.
The flair that Claudio Ranieri and Leicester brought to English football last season is still making people swoon. The logical additions, the application of sports science, to the absolute support of the management and the determination of the players resolve to bring the miraculous achievements of the Report.
Along with that, Ranieri still represents himself an Italian coach, who always produces brilliant tactics. The tactical system that Ranieri built for the Flock was based on Italian defensive thinking. With the 4-4-2 plan that seems to be back in the past, the Welder has blown a new breath into it to create a winning formula for a small team. A defensive counter-attacking football is surprisingly effective. An incredibly fresh taste with the fans last season. However, a question posed at this season is what Ranieri and Leicester will do to protect the king. That will certainly depend a lot on the strategy of this Italian strategist. With the Italian blood in his body, Ranieri will bring new things in his tactics to help Leicester can continue to write fairy tales.
A man who also has a silver head like Ranieri and has also played for many years in the Premier League is always mentioned because of what he did for Arsenal, it is Arsene Wenger. He has devoted almost 20 years to the London team with memorable titles. At a club with such a long time, Wenger has always been the man who knows how to make the change to suit the situation. French strategist who can break the 4-4-2 system has brought his golden age at Arsenal to switch to 4-5-1 scheme suitable for his new children such as Fabregas He is also willing to “reinforce” pragmatism in his tactical system when needed. The change of the professor in the necessary times always brings the interesting aspects of his tactical system, although Arsenal remain loyal to the philosophy of attacking beautiful football. The arrival of talented juniors next season will require Wenger to make the change. And that change is worth waiting for fans to taste a newcomer from Arsenal

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