Ryan Giggs – Old Trafford’s Legend

A week ago, while Manchester United welcomed Jose Mourinho’s presence with a myriad of questions, there was a man still pondering and seemingly out of the game. That fans all seemed to forget his image, and today, when the British press came together, people realized that another legend was about to leave Old Trafford.

That’s right, Ryan Giggs said his farewell to the Reds was not far off when he officially rejected Jose Mourinho’s offer. A youthful job is like stepping back in Giggs’ career, and he chooses to leave as a liberation for summer days.
It was May 5, 2014 when Giggs became the captain of Manchester United for the first time. 4 short battles were not enough to save the badly bruised David Moyes, but enough for the fans to hope for the future. It was this time a year ago that the fans came together when Van Gaal revealed that Giggs would be his replacement at Old Trafford. Formally taking on the coaching chair at Old Trafford was like an incomplete dream for Ryan Giggs, so that dream was broken again when United decided to put their faith in Mourinho.

When he especially went to Manchester and brought his assistant Rui Faria, it was anticipated that Giggs will no longer be present at Old Trafford. But the fans still feel sorry. 29 years of silent dedication, 29 years of ups and downs and unforgettable memories, and now the legend is forced to leave in regret. Even the ceremony of gratitude when he retired was quickly forgotten, because he stayed, and because of people are still pity Nemanja Vidic.

Go away, go to have more experience in the coach life, go to grow up, and go to one day return to Old Trafford. Either way, Manchester’s children will still hold that belief for themselves, just as they keep beautiful memories of him. From the momentous rush of the Tottenham Hotspots, the classic zic-zac ball in the FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal, or Michael Owen’s 4-3 win over Manchester City, All will be in the hearts of the fans.

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