Write for you in your birthday – Javier!

Javier Zanetti always has the strength and dedication to take on any role at Inter Milan whether it is the left wing, or the right wing, even playing in the middle of the field, it’s okay. It is not natural that the Argentine player has 851 matches for a blue and black shirt for nearly 20 years and holds the captain’s armband of the Milan team for 15 years.

All are the results of serious training and quiet dedication to the collective position of the captain wearing shirt number 4.
Referring to the name Zanetti, is to mention a heroic but also tearful history of Inter Milan. Referring to Zanetti, it is referring to the ultimate glory of dark blue but also the most painful and shameful failures of blue. Referring to Zanetti, the Interista relive a part of childhood memories, of the time when Serie A was the most prestigious playground, and a place where great talents want to try once in their life. And referring to Zanetti, people cannot help but recall a time when Inter Milan was the convergence of the most prestigious stars. From Paul Ince to “El Phenomenon” Ronaldo de Lima, all the most talented stars of the 90s have come to Inter Milan to play football, but only one name has remained there. nearly 20 years. Javier Zanetti!
A living symbol of Inter Milan in terms of loyalty, dedication, and superior leadership skills. When looking at Zanetti’s black and blue number 4 shirt, Ryan Giggs must think of a legendary opponent. Or with Lionel Messi, it will be memories of the night when his Barca was paralyzed by the defense led by Zanetti and only scored 1 goal at Giuseppe Meazza. As for the Interista, they will forever remember Zanetti as part of the eternal history of Milan. For the children of dark blue, Zanetti as history.

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