English Premier League 2016 – 2017: A great football party (part 1)

For a long time, the Premier League has been considered the most beautiful and excited national championship in the world with exciting and highly competitive performances almost in every match. And as of right now, not only attracting to the most famous football stars in the world, it also attracts the world’s leading coaches whose names can give you shivers. Fans were feeling more eager than ever, even though it was still a month away. They are all strong and tough strategists with a specific tactical philosophy. Fans would have the opportunity to enjoy the football party with attractive flavors from the “dishes” served by “super chefs”.
An emotional season with Leicester City with Ranieri’s tactical stamping. The British boiled over the old-fashioned ideas in the 4-4-2 strategy of the welders bring a new wind so powerful. As a fastidious diner and accustomed to enjoying good food daily, Premiership fans always demand new things come from the club.
Etihad has taken Manchester United’s outstanding strategist, Josep “Pep” Guardiola, to Manchester City. Not only in the Premier League but also in the celebrity dream of winning the UEFA Champions League.
Right at the launch of the new club, Guardiola insisted his goal when coming to Man City: “It is our responsibility to make the fans happy and proud of the team.” And to be able to realize that goal, Pep Guardiola has in his hands a great raw material that he brought with him from Barcelona to Bayern Munich: juego de posicion. Former Bavarian lobster coach also shared: “Man City is a new test of my career. This is the right time to come to England and build the team in the style I want. ” What is the style of Guardiola? That is the juego de posicion with the change in operating system tactics. A clear philosophy with a tactical system built to honor that philosophy will bring surprises and excitement to not only the supporters but also the opponents of Man City.
In contrast to Guardiola, one of Baroque’s followers of the philosophy of art, it is commonly known that Antonio Conte was a pragmatic. Come to Chelsea with the mark of Euro 2016 with the Italian team, the curious is always curious that the Italian strategist will build a tactical system for the Blues and the map three central defenders are central in the system That or not?
And at the press conference, Conte clarified this: “Three defenders, four defenders … do not matter. It is important for us to be a team spirit. ” That shows Conte is not a rigid coach model, he will change to fit the goals of the whole team. Conte also added: “Usually, when I come to a new team, I will evaluate … I will find the right place for the players. When I was in Italy, I liked the wallet, the coach as well as the tailor. A tailor must have a suit, a suit best for the team. He must respect the qualities, the talents of the players. And then he must decide. ” Whenever a tailor with blue eyes cuts off his clothes, it is certain that they will be meticulous and scientific. With what Conte has shown, there is hope for a strange taste in tactics that the coach will bring to the Premier League this season.

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