“The rotten apple” Mario and the only succcessful with Azzurri

The “Azzurri”┬áhas came to The EURO2012 with a gloomy atmosphere. They just had an extremely bad 2010 World Cup, a series of pillars retired from the team and they fell into the group of death with the participation of Spain, Croatia and Ireland. But the Thien Thanh army experienced a great tournament when in turn overcoming the challenges to reach the final match, just like the way Mario Balotelli arrogantly stepped through the criticism.

Being judged for not being a genuine Italian before Euro 2012, criticized for playing too badly after the Spain draw, being scorned by Croatian fans for Ghanaian blood in the next match. Balotelli just carried the pressure on his shoulders, and then it all burst after Super Mario’s fall in the match against Ireland in the final match. A normal player would probably celebrate passionately after a pressure relief goal, but that would never be true for Balotelli. He stood up, headed to the stands and muttered in his mouth. Had Leonardo Bonucci not quickly covered his backpack, he might have had big trouble with the media. That’s right, Backpack is cursing the same guys who criticized him during all that time.

Then in the semi-final against the Germans, Balotelli really silenced his critics. The double against Manuel Neuer was enough to make the Germans once again embrace Italy, and the moment Balotelli took off his shirt to celebrate has gone down in history as one of the most impressive images of the tournament that year. It is said that the image represents the pressure that Balo has undergone for so long, and Super Mario says that he did it just to respond to Adriano’s taunt about his too thin body. God knows whether Balo is telling the truth or not, but surely those who love Italian football will never forget. It is an image that is both strange and familiar to them, an Italian spirit that can always overcome adversity, but the person who represents that spirit is not a guy with long hair or sunken eyes. Balotelli turned from an outcast into a national hero. He did not have to flatter or say tongue-twisting words to win the hearts of the Italians, so when tears rolled down his cold face, many people must also feel relieved.

People remember those moments, and remember the silhouette of an arrogant Balotelli in Thien Thanh shirt.

Eight years later, Balotelli is still fighting against racism every day, but with that, his instinctive lifestyle is still a hindrance to his life and career, even when he does not. again with his hometown team Brescia.

Today “the proof horse” is 30 years old, but the future is still uncertain …

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