English Premier League 2016 – 2017: A great football party (part 3)

From Germany, Juergen Klopp brought to England a new style, gegenpressing, or as the English call it: counter-pressing. What is Gegenpressing? It’s a question that can not be clearly explained in just a few short lines. But it sure is a fire-filled style with crazy speed, a tactic that people still consider a engraving of tiki-taka. Klopp came to Liverpool from mid-season in last season with the eagerness and expectation of Liverpool fans. Accompanied by that, there is still doubt about the adaptation of the German-inspired coach. What the former Dortmund manager did in just over half the season for Liverpool proved his great talent. In addition to the great motivation for the players, Klopp is also an excellent tactician. Although gegenpressing has been known before, it can be said that Klopp was one of those who brought this term to light. Gegenpressing will certainly remain a very strange style for the English Premier League next season.
Among the “old chefs” can not fail to mention Mauricio Pochettino. The talented captain of Tottenham Hotspur, still known as the Bielsa conqueror, as Tottenham’s former Spaniard Osvaldo Ardiles described it: “Pochettino is showing the image of Bielsa.” It is a philosophy of football that pressing the entire surface is the decisive factor, emphasizing control of the ball, with all players supporting both attack and defense. The collective spirit is put to the highest level. In particular, a Bielsa school team is always built on the basis of young players with the highest aspirations and willpower. Pochettino always wants his team to have the ball and play a beautiful football. But Pochettino is not a rigid man, he claims: “The worst thing about a manager is that he is an innovator and he maintains an absolute belief. You must always be flexible, not rigid. The important thing in football is that you have to adapt to every situation. ” With that philosophy, Pochettino will bring something new in a season of convergence of excellent strategists?
The Premiership season 2016-2017 promises exciting encounters. The match between the coaches pursuing a beautiful Baroque football like Guardiola, Wenger, Klopp, Pochettino with pragmatical school that represented the Mourinho, Conte, Ranieri. Excitement will also be welcomed during the Bielsa summit meeting between Guardiola and Pochettino. Or is it that the football show is full of blood, fire and speed as the rock music between Klopp and Bilic. It was also a fierce confrontation between Mourinho and Guardiola, Wenger. And the derby of the high school of tactics of Italy between Ranieri and Conte.
The heroic trainers on the training bench will create football parties not only for performing arts but also tactically. The essence of world football is converging to the highest league in England to create irresistible appeal to soccer players. The Premier League football party is approaching and let’s prepare for the best of everything to enjoy the fullest.

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