Manchester Derby 2009: A classic performance at the Grand Theater (part 3)

Mark Hughes has started complaining at the referee’s yard with the assistant referee about the time United took to have a free kick on the edge of Manchester City. Rooney’s shoot was knocked out by Stephen Ireland, but once again the ball came to the position of the England striker. The Sherk struggled once again to lead to ball to the goal, and Joleon Lescott was trying so hard in the effort to clear the ball out of the box. And when all was ready for the whistle to end the game, the captain of Manchester United cut through the defense of “The Citizens”, Owen suddenly appeared with no one securing him, and scored.

Old Trafford broke out, Ryan Giggs completeed his constructive hattrick, three points remained with Manchester United and outside the field Mark Hughes was still complaining to referees. The 90s + 6 was just one of Michael Owen’s five goals in the Premier League, but it was a moment that all United fans could not forget.
An utopian scenario is like an action movie, a game in which one has to mention the holy Fergie time, as well as the indomitable hatred of the City. Image Carlos Tevez bowed to a forest of red dress celebrating the heat is the moment worth putting on the front page of the epic Manchester. There, people see all, joy of victory and sadness of failure, hope and disappointment, unity and loneliness, love and hatred, red and blue.
The 2009/2010 Derby is still regarded as the most exciting Derby in Manchester, but it is not just a Derby match. Manchester United have won but the green half of Manchester also showed with the strong investment of the Arab boss they have become a whole new team. Also from that season Manchester City officially entered the race in the top of the rankings and the Derby Manchester games later became very different and often significant decision to the championship. From Wayne Rooney’s classic bicycle kick, Vincent Kompany’s volleyball tip to challenging “Why always me?”, All made a fierce battle over who would win Manchester United.

After the period considered as the final of the tournament, recent seasons, seemingly meaning and attraction of the Derby seems to be falling. While Manchester United have entered a period of crisis after Alex Ferguson’s reign, Manchester City have begun to suffer from age-related problems as well as questions about the aspirations of their pioneers. People are still waiting for a hot and exciting Derby match like what happened in 2009, a Derby to decide the championship. And with the arrival of new people, new feuds, maybe fans will find a match like this at Old Trafford this Saturday night?

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