Write for you Pippo, we were both born offside!

Maybe you and I are the same. Pippo, you and I were born offside!. We lived a life in the midst of controversy and right and wrong, and then at the end of the day I knew we would look back on those days with a smile on our face. I got to know him for the first time in the summer of 2006 in Germany. It was a beautiful World Cup for Italy, but for you personally, it was an incomplete World Cup, Pippo. It was unlucky for him that juniors Luca Toni played better and took his official place on the team.
But it doesn’t matter, because we are originally born to “offside”. I came from a Specialist, and at the end of the day, I was writing a few lines about him. Wasn’t that an offside act. You too, Pippo, were born to live an offside life. But the offside substance made people fall in love with him. In Milan in the early 21st century, we have dozens of big stars, but an “offside” guy like him still has a solemn place in that ranks. The statement Sir Alex Ferguson once said about him probably best summed up his offside. “He was born offside. (The lad must be born offside.) ”
He is not a natural talent like the strikers at the same time, but the offside nature in him made him an elite member of the AC Milan team in the early 2000s. If only a mediocre striker, He certainly could not have had 313 goals in his career and scored 70 goals in the UEFA Champions League – the number one league in the old continent. Pippo is a guy born to offside, to stand in the middle of controversy, and to… score goals. Even a strict coach like Mourinho must also appreciate this for his ability.
“AC Milan can play with 10 strikers if they want, but I hope they don’t have Inzaghi. He is Milan’s most dangerous player and I hope he won’t play. ”
Inzaghi’s danger lies not in superfluous kicking, passing skills, or physical strength. The danger of the former striker born in 1973 lies in his ability to sense space and time, and it is this skill that makes him one of the 10 greatest strikers in the UEFA Champions League playground. Of course, one can deny Pippo’s talent when it comes to the satellites he used to play with.
At Juventus, he was played right in front of Zidane – a talented conductor of French football. At AC Milan, he was “relieved” by talented “musicians” like Rui Costa or Kaka. But not because of playing in front of talented midfielders that Fippo scored many goals. Before coming to the big names, Inzaghi was a formidable striker when he scored 24 goals for Atalanta and won the title of top scorer of Serie A. Big or not, Inzaghi remains a formidable goalscorer. For simple reasons, he is not faster than others, not as strong as others, but Inzaghi is always more diligent than others.
That little striker was always watching, always hunting hard space, and always diligently signaling his teammates to pass the ball. Former teammate Mathieu Flamini also had to say this about Inzaghi’s ability to choose positions. “Somehow the ball found itself to Inzaghi. He doesn’t need to find the ball. ”
It is true that there are times when he does not need to find the Inzaghi ball, because the ball is somehow always directed straight towards his position. Like the opening goal in the 2006/2007 Champions League final against Liverpool. The ball from Pirlo’s feet did not know how to still graze his shoulder to go straight into The Kop’s net. That goal is not beautiful, but it clearly depicts your freakishness, Fippo.
He is not like Totti, can score beautiful goals. He wasn’t like Del Pierro, capable of circulating with the ball. But compared to his contemporaries, he is the weirdest guy. Perhaps, the guys with the constellation of the Lion like us are always born with a different quality. Me and you were born to “offside” with a burning passion and extreme desire. Watching him celebrate each goal, I see myself in it. That is how I feel every time I complete a post. The feeling of passions.

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