Liverpool vs Manchester United: Earth and Sky (part 2)

As Milner and Clyne both advanced in the corridor, Henderson could take the initiative to step back to form a three-man defensive line with the center-back duo, or continued to move horizontally behind the midfield duo. Liverpool’s high center of play when the ball control. A team high up the center circle to ensure optimal squad distance in the pressing and gegenpressing work. True to the style of Klopp is the implementation of pressing in groups. With a 4-3-3 formation, Liverpool players will easily create pressing groups or gegenpressing from three to four in order to muffle their opponent’s playing space, or put the opposing player into the trap. Pressing to win the ball.
One noteworthy point in the way Liverpool operate is the role of the Coutinho trio – Firmino – Mane. Playing as a virtual 9, Firmino often retreats to work in the space between the central defenders and the central midfield of the opponent. With this move, Firmino will be able to pull one of the two center-backs out of position, leaving the gap open for two Liverpool wingers to move in and take over. On the other hand, if the center-back of the opponent does not leave the position, the defensive midfielder must “concern” Firmino. This will give the Brazilian midfielder a chance to step up to occupy space in the central area. Most importantly, the virtual number 9 role in Liverpool’s system is not necessarily fixed to someone who is intertwined by the smart swing of the Coutinho trio – Firmino – Mane.
In addition to the pressing play “crazy” of The Kop, the unpredictability of the attack of Liverpool is a puzzle for Mourinho in this game. With the problems revealed through the past round of the game, the problem of the Liverpool play is a very painful task with “Special person.”
Marching to Anfield has never been a pleasant experience for any team, especially for United. The hostility in the stands, the spirit of the biggest derby in England always create surprises that we can not expect. Mourinho and his teammates stepped into the derby as a draw with a lot of worries over Stoke City at Old Trafford.
With three wins at the start of the season, the titwe has thought of them as a strong candidate for the English Premier League this year. But then came the nightmare that started with a loss to Manchester City on home field with a series of 3 consecutive defeats in 10 days in every arena. Mourinho’s problems have been ripped open to find a way to bring Manchester United back to the race.

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