Manchester Derby 2009: A classic performance at the Grand Theater  (part 1)

The two Manchester clubs were having a smooth start to the Premier League with their new coaches. Manchester United fans were happy to see the team recovering their familiar triumphs with Jose Mourinho, and those who loved “The Citizens” found much hope for something new and Pep Guardiola was bringing that to them.
And as an arrangement, the two teams would meet that weekend at the Manchester Derby, which was probably the most anticipated match after many years. It was the beginning of new dynasties and deep hatred. It made people remember Old Trafford on a special day on October 2009.
“This is the best derby in history.” That’s what Sir Alex Ferguson said excitedly after 90 minutes, or more exactly 90 + 6 minutes dramatic at the Theater of Dreams. The match was also voted the best match in 20 years of Premier League history in 2012. A match like this certainly could not be a “normal” match.
For many people, the first leg of the 2009-10 season was exciting before the start of the match. 7 years ago, the position of the two blue and red to Manchester is very different from now. Manchester United were still the “King” of England with three consecutive Premier League titles and also twice reached the Champions League final but before entering the season they lost two factors. The most important on the line is Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez while bringing on new factors with suspicion called Antonio Valencia or Michael Owen. While suspicions of Manchester United’s dominance have arisen, their Manchester City neighbors are becoming increasingly noisy.
The arrival of Arab bosses along with their money almost bring Manchester City a new face. After the first season just finishing in 10th place, more than £ 100m continues to be marketed in exchange for “The Citizens” with additional quality additions. Among them is the most notable name is Carlos Tevez – the old man of Manchester United. And that deal has increased the already huge opposition of the two clubs.
Shortly after Tevez completed the transfer process to City of Manchester, a plaque was erected at the crossroads between Salford Road and Deansgate, Manchester City’s commercial center with Carlos Tevez outstretched arms. Below is the text “Welcome to Manchester”. A sign is not just a greeting. The sign that Manchester City put up in the heart of the city as a sure affair is that they are the team from the heart of the city, not Manchester United. As for Carlos Tevez, “The Citizens” wanted to show him how Manchester really greeted him, not like the way he had to go as regretful as in the rival team.
And then the Scottish manager made a statement: “Manchester City will never be my concern.” These things make people waiting for the Manchester Derby more than usual, fans want to see how the two sides will resolve the dispute on the grass.
Both teams have a good start to the 2009/2010 season. Manchester United in addition to defeat defeat Burnley in the second round also won the last four matches before entering the match Derby, Manchester City even more impressive performance with four victories and defeated Arsenal with Score 4-2. The achievement of the two teams makes people wait for a match attractive, and in fact the fans were not disappointed at all.
What are you waiting for at a football match? The goals, the “chase” the score or the goals in injury time fraught with drama. The Battle of Manchester Derby that year will bring you all that.

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