UEFA Champions League semi-final: 5 years later

I woke up to a message on Facebook. On this day five years ago, the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals 2010-2011 ended.

It’s a status that I posted half a decade ago about the 2011 Champions League semi-final, it was an English football style with a fiery United, it was another overwhelming Spanish football style with two familiar representatives Barca and Madrid, and Schalke 04 could not get a chance to come forward in the Bundesliga, and times have changed. 5 years went by so fast, and there were the same 3 teams, Spain still dominates but with the voice of Madrid, Germany was rising up with a Barcelona, while Manchester City from England was like Schalke back that year. But after 5 years, European football has changed too much …
UEFA Champions League 2010-2011. Quarterfinals, Barcelona and Real to defeat Donetsk and Spurs, confirmed the position of Spanish football. Barcelona then played the tiqui-tac to the top of the pitch, and valued the football so much. Los Blancos the opposite, Mourinho’s practical defensive tackle combined with Cristiano Ronaldo created a nasty White Vulture. Meanwhile, United, the Red Devils coming from England, swept Marseille and Chelsea on the outside, bravely advanced to the Semi-finals, marking the semi-finals of the fourth in five years, the flagship Of the mighty Premier League. Schalke, the apprentice from Germany, surpassed Inter with a skeptical look, for then German football was not appreciated, and then Bayern, the pioneer, was eliminated prematurely.
UEFA Champions League 2015-2016. A repeat scenario, but the wind has turned, so the time has changed, stature also gradually change. Spain has two representatives, this time Real Madrid play the role of forward-looking, devoted, beautiful and have moments of emotional viewers. Meanwhile, the other half of Madrid, Atletico played the role of one of Europe’s most ruthless defenders, the most difficult team to beat in Europe at the time. Bayern, no longer representing weak Germany in Europe in the past, has become a mighty one-sided champion, five times into the most recent semi-finals as a typical example of their strength, Germany-world-rivalry. And, in Madrid, Bavaria is not so frightened of Manchester as it used to be, as the mighty United of five years ago, is now just a City of Foot and First Foot in the Semi-finals, and Also represents a declining Premier League. Looks at the Green Man but thinks of Schalke; Looking at the Gray Lobster in relation to the Red Man; From El Classico to Madrid, that time changed so fast …
People often divide the stages of development into five or ten years, such as a five-year term of the National Assembly, as a milestone, a reasonable time when people look back and judge See what they have changed, how they change, and how they evolve. And when we look back at the last five-year “tenure” of European football in general, looking at the Champions League semi-finals in 2011 and 2016 in particular, it’s easy to spot the shifts of football centers. In Europe.
Spain is still the focus, still powerful, it is the story of the classic Barcelona derby or. But in Spain, in the past five years, football has not only encapsulated Madrid’s center-right rivals with the Catalunyaans, but also has the involvement of ordinary people along the Rio Manzanares in Madrid. ; Formed a “legged 3-legged” to help La Liga seem more attractive, thereby growing more multiples. The attention shifted to the Bundesliga, where the participation of Bayern Muenchen, of Guardiola; In Bayern, the Bundesliga is something like the United and Premier League Golden Globes 2007-2009. And the Premier League, a downward spiral that has not braked in the past five years, if not for Chelsea’s full-fledged championship. The Premier League now looks like the Seven Serie A sisters, but daughters ”
Football is still football, always hidden by unpredictable surprises, where the level and talent can be blurred by the flashes and sublimation of minds full of tactics and philosophy.

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