Manuel Neuer: True high class

Recently, the IFFHS has announced the best goalkeeper of the year in 2016, but it does not draw too much attention. Mostly because eveyone was all busy with Christmas or Premier League, and also because of the name that was announced, and no one was surprise about it.
Manuel Neuer was voted as the best goal keeper in the world for the fourth time in a row. If the winner was a 38-year-old veteran like Gianluigi Buffon or  Rui Patricio, there would have been something to talk about. But in the end, Neuer outrun the other two candidates with twice or even triple the number of votes, and it was just another title in dozens of newscasts in the morning.
It is still known to Neuer as a sweeper-keeper, a goalkeeper who swept the ice out of the extremely audacious bar. But such situations lessened over the years, and people did not pay much attention to Neuer. They realized he was an old man, and the number of years he played was inversely proportional to the goal keeper’s distance from the goal.

But, again, it is the boringness that says something that makes Neuer’s true class: stability. Four consecutive times at the top of the world, only Iker Casillas maintained a peak longer than him, and perhaps the day Neuer leveled St. Iker’s achievement is not far off.

Speaking of reflexes, people mentioned De Gea. Speaking of persistence, Buffon is top. Regarding peace of mind, nobody passed Petr Cech. But to fully integrate these elements in a goalkeeper, one has to mention Manuel Neuer.

He did not excel at all as a coworker, and would probably never be loved by them because of his contempt. But it was the highness that made a German man in him, a goalkeeper with steel spirit.

In 2014, when Neuer failed in the race to the Golden Ball, there was much regret for the man born in the same time as the monster Messi or Ronaldo. But it does not matter, because the ball with him is something to hold in his hand rather than admire it in the glass.

Or else, it would be a good thing for Neuer to show his sublimation moments, when he came out of the box and made the whole stadium go up.

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