Pep Guardiola: The real man

The truth is that even if City had won that match against Burnley, Pep could have hardly been happy. Fernandinho was disqualified for the third time in just six games, while Sam Vokes’s goal was accepted, although he had previously fouled Claudio Bravo.
Seeing how Guardiola responded to the referee’s decision, people suddenly remembered Jose Mourinho’s image two years ago. On December 28, 2014, he was particularly pulsed after referee Anthony Taylor denied a penalty by Chelsea.
Cesc Fabregas was knocked out of the box, but in exchange he only got a yellow card, while The Blues were drawn to Southampton 1-1. The situation is controversial, but it can not be controversial with the words Mourinho uttered in the tunnel at St Mary’s: “There is a conspiracy against Chelsea.”

One can understand Mourinho’s actions two years ago as well as the current Pep Guardiola. They are subjected to so much pressure from the media, the board, the fans and from the inside itself. Mou wants to forget the pain after being fired by Real, and Pep also want to prove he is not just a fortune-teller. But hot heads never succeed.

Mourinho’s words not only did not help Chelsea up, but even made them fall into a mini-crisis. The Blues lost 3-5 at Tottenham on New Year’s Day and Mourinho stuck in a lot of trouble with the FA. It was only when he specifically reblogged, Chelsea to find a common winning circuit.

Pep may well be in the same situation, he even claims City may be the last team in his careers. But after that spit, the Spanish strategist should calm down and focus on what to do. Cold England can drown out any big coach, but it could also be a great springboard for future success.

In his early days in Spain, Mourinho received a costly lesson from Guardiola after a 0-5 defeat at the first clash of El Clasico. And now, in his first season in the UK, Pep should also learn from his old friend about how to overcome external pressures and expectations from himself.

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