Dele Alli (part 3)

As a central midfielder capable of attacking, Dele Alli rarely sits defensively. Given that he can go to the ball and keep the ball, Alli sometimes has a bias on these abilities and forgets to occupy open space in midfield. The Spurs midfielder has the ability to catch the ball and steal the ball, but he is not really active and hard at work.
Ability to select locations:
No. 20 fouls are quite a lot and also received many yellow cards (10 cards during the last season). This data reflects Alli’s poorly chosen positioning skills and explains why Pochettino often lets Alli paired with Dier, who is more inclined to play defensively. On the front of the attack, Alli also occasionally ignore the gaps and eat delicious when the opportunity to recognize even how fast it is difficult to occupy the favorable space. The courage to compensate for Alli when the goals he scored in the posture is quite difficult, but to become more perfect, Spurs 20 should not ignore this weakness.
Ability to use non-positive legs:
This is a feature just to mention in a nutshell. Alli bravely used his left foot, but his right leg showed far more noticeable results: three quarters of the total goal scored by Alli in his right-foot career. If his left leg is better, Alli will be twice as unstoppable in situations when the opponent is unaware of which foot he will focus on and which leg he will hit.
To talk about Alli’s ability to shine at the upcoming European Football Festival, one should not be overly optimistic. Of the 11 midfielders Roy Hodgson has called, there are eight central midfielders (Alli, Barkley, Delph, Dier, Drinkwater, Henderson, Milner and Wilshere).

That is not to mention the lack of experience on the international arena of the toilet in 1996. Although there have been seven times in the three lions (scored a goal), but compared to the battle experience, Alli inferior Most England. In the naval battles, there is little chance that Alli will be chosen in place of Henderson or Barkley (they have more than 20 caps). Taking advantage of every moment on the pitch, Alli could take advantage of the likes of Dier and Kane to shine.
However, Alli is only 20 years old. In the near future, if the above weaknesses are improved, he will become the mainstay of the club and national team. Only hoping Alli will continue to develop talent (at Tottenham or anywhere), not smug and stand as too many prodigies that the island of fog has produced.
Mauricio Pochettino once shared with the media that despite being in full squad, Alli maintained a modest and modest attitude. A factor outside of expertise like this could turn Alli into Gerrard’s next Three Masters?

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