Liverpool vs Manchester United: Earth and Sky (part 3)

Press and media had helped Mourinho identify defects in his system which was that Rooney’s presence was limiting Paul Pogba’s potential who was a very expensive ¬†deal. And when Rooney had been “mismanaged” it seemed that Manchester United’s problem¬†was immediately resolved with a 4-1 victory over the defending champion Leicester City with the shine of Pogba and his teammates. As if Manchester United were revived, Stoke City had brought a cold wind from Britania to blow away the newly rekindled belief in the Theater of Dreams.
The problem revealed when MU play is still lack of connection and not many options when attacking deadlock. The public missed too many opportunities when it came to 24 points but only one goal was scored. Most importantly, the problem came from Paul Pogba. Having been released from defensive duties in the presence of Ander Herrera, Pogba has shown an unexpected performance against Stoke City. According to statistics, the Frenchman only 56 touches, less than Bailly midfielder, less than the match against Southampton United (107 times).
Traveling to Anfield at this time is really difficult for Mourinho and his students. Industry experts have said that Klopp’s system is running smoothly and more stable than Mourinho’s system. However, the Devil is still the Devil with the sharp claws hidden behind the sleeve, waiting to finish off the enemy. It is noteworthy that, to date, Manchester United are currently one of the best in the Premier League.
For example, against City in Round 4, the Manchester United players won 16 times out of a total of 23 times, including six times in the penalty area of Man City. In particular, against Leicester City, Manchester United scored two goals from Smalling and Pogba from two aerial situations. That shows the ability to play in the air of the United is very convincing.
We can explain that Mourinho owns players who are tall and have the ability to play very good football such as Smalling, Fellaini, Ibrahimovic, Bailly, including Pogba. This is MU’s very important weapon in the England derby against Liverpool. Interestingly, Klopp has acknowledged that it is the ability to resist the ball and the situation of Liverpool is very bad. Lost in the 2-1 win against Swansea in the previous round is a typical example of this issue of The Kop.

My strength is the weakness of the opponent is clearly advantage that Mourinho students must focus on exploitation if you want to win at least one point in Anfield. If you still use the 4-2-3-1 formation and play like last time, it can be easily predicted that Mourinho will direct the players to exploit mainly on the flanks with the winger At the upper level will often move inside to make room for the marginal defenders to tape up. Valencia’s right maneuverability and assists in assists and accurate left-footed passes will be important factors in setting up a United front and air strike. In such a situation, the use of Fellaini in the squad as a Mourinho option will need to be calculated.
However, to realize his tactics, Mourinho needs to neutralize the attack and have the solution to save the high level of Liverpool is good. This will depend a lot on the formation of the squad, the midfield between the defenders and the central midfield duo are Herrera and Pogba.
Although Man Utd may be experiencing problems and underestimated than Liverpool but derby is still a derby, especially England derby. The two most expensive teams in the Mist country with the big ambitions will surely bring fans an emotional match. And the talents of the two strategists Juergen Klopp and Jose Mourinho promised to create a game with intense bidding to the final moments of the game. Liverpool is strong in controlling the space below the ground, while United are dominating the sky.
Every street in the port city of Liverpool will go to Anfield Stadium tonight. The lights will be lit to witness the match between two red powers: the Reds and the Red Brigade. Who occupies the ground or who dominates the sky? That will be answered in the green grass of Anfield at 2am tomorrow morning.

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