Manchester Derby 2009: A classic performance at the Grand Theater (part 2)

13:30 on September 20th. The city of Manchester was heading for Old Trafford where there was almost no vacant seat, with more than 75,000 spectators ready for the Derby. The match was already hot in the stands, where fans raised banners with “Welcome to Manchester” with pictures of the club’s victories in the past. This was a greeting, a response to the Tevez sign hanging in the city center and also the challenge they sent to “The Citizens”.
Carlos Tevez, in his first experience of being a “guest” at Old Trafford, even said he was overwhelmed by the way United fans welcomed former player like him. The booing started as soon as he left the tunnel and then a coin was thrown to Javier Garrido that many people think should have been for him. Maybe Tevez was a big love for them, but that day was nothing but the hatred between the two teams.
Manchester United with the advantage of home course is that the team wants to win more. And Alex Ferguson’s team quickly showed that determination with Rooney’s second-minute goal. Sir Alex made the right guess when directing his opponents to the top and pushing the opponent in the first place, but one thing he could not foresee was blundering in the defense. Ben Foster, in his own right to replace injured Van der Sar, has made it clear why in the past three seasons he has had only one appearance in the English Premier League. After a “shortfall” when the ball hit the Carlos Tevez, Foster continued to have an adventurous phase in front of his former teammates. And this time the Argentine striker made him pay the price of construction for Barry leveling matches.
The spectators continued to watch the chase between the two teams minutes later. Manchester United are still the active team and create more opportunities. On a great day Ryan Giggs and Darren Fletcher twice led the hosts to the lead with the same scenario. From the left, the ball went over Ryan Giggs’ magic left leg and to Fletcher’s head before netting the visitors. But Manchester City have another name to counterbalance the Reds, which is Craig Bellamy. Just three minutes after Fletcher hit the head of Shay Given’s net, Bellamy took the lead on the far post with a spectacular save from the far post. And when the home fans were thinking of an end to the post after Fletcher’s second goal, the Welshman once again forced the Theater to mute with a goal in the final minutes of the game!
90 minutes crazy, people have seen all that can happen in the derby is the most anticipated season. The goals, mistakes, chase the score, the level of emotions and goals in the 90th minute are enough but if that Derby “only” can not make people brag So every time I remember about and perhaps also could not become the best match 20 years of Premier League history.

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