Derby matches in Andalucia (part 2): The death of ANTONIO PUERTA

Just six months after Juande Ramos’s hospitalization, Sevilla fans in particular and around the world in general continue to see more shakes than Antonio Puerta, young talent with “diamond’s feet” Sanchez Pizjuan team died of heart failure, the match against Getafe in the 2007/08 season.

The invisible Puerta’s death became the only link that helped to bridge the relationship between the two clubs while easing the hostile atmosphere that lasted for hundreds of years. With respect as well as emotions from the bottom of the heart, the players of both sides attended the funeral as well as share the loss with the Puerta family. “This is a huge loss for Sevilla, for the team, for the family of Puerta, and for him, for whom I am certain,” said Manuel Ruiz de Lopera, Betis president. that is in heaven “.

Later in the season, while Sevilla grew and matured, Betis underwent two relegations in 2009 and 2013. Under Unai Emery, Sevilla became the first team to win five times. The Europa League, which includes a hat-trick from 2014 to 2016. The contrast is like that but no matter what the circumstances, the derby Sevilla always carry a fresh air. The fire glows very distinctly. In May 2016, Betis returned to La Liga to continue to challenge Sevilla’s neighbors. They lost 3/4 of the derby in the two seasons 2015/16 and 2016/17. However, not long ago, in his most recent encounter in January, Joaquin and his teammates made a wonderful evening at Sanchez Pizjuan with a sweet 5-3 win over them. manually.

There was nothing to talk about the spectacular goal at Pizjuan that day. Every corner of the stage was filled with rage from more than 40000 spectators on both sides. In the first minute of the match, Fabian Ruiz soon opened the scoring for Betis before the derby continued to be dominated by a series of other emotionally charged goals. All the way to the final minute, the 90 + 5 minutes, after the beautiful scoring situation of Cristian Tello, the final victory for the beticos, a victory they had to wait. a long time ago. If there was a Betis, there would be no emotion comparable to such endless hours.

“When the tickets for the new season are released,” El derbi de Sevilla “will be the first thing the beticos look for,” said Ben Hardman, a Betis fan. The only thing that we, the beticos pursue is the motto of this team: “Viva er Betis manque pierda,” (Betis will last forever even if we lose). And you know, this is always true. ”

Meanwhile, Abshir Maxamed, a Sevilla fan, said: “No matter how fierce or passionate it is, this is pure soccer passion. This city must be divided into two halves, or you are a beticos, or you are a sevillista, that’s all. I still remember that when Sevilla won 5-1 against Betis in the end of 2012, we were as crazy as we thought we had just won 15 UEFA Cups. That’s the way the fans think about the Sevilla derby. ”

A world of never-ending burning passion, of endless desires like the hot Mediterranean sun, Flamenco captivating people, still silent in the world, “El derbi de Sevilla” – a forever irreplaceable specialty of Spanish football.

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