The player I love – Totti: a limit for you

What titles has Totti achieved? Only a Scudetto, two TIM Cups, two Italian Super Cup champion. Twice of awarded Serie A Player of the Year, once awarded the Capocannoniere. A European Golden Shoe, World Cup 2006 champion. Just that is not enough to fully portray the talent of the king of Rome. Pele also once said: “He is the best player in the world.”

He was just, just a little, unlucky in the past. ” Yes, throughout his career, although he has found the right owner, it is clear that he has not had the time when Roma will never have stability.

At Roma, he played almost every position in attack, Zeman’s time, he played as number 10 in the 4-3-3 formation with the task of scoring and assisting as much as possible. The following season, he was again a left winger, yet he still scored 30 goals! By the Capello dynasty, he shined brightly as the Trequarista with his play and squad shaped around him. Two years later, he was assigned to the striker and then again as a striker in the 4-2-3-1 diagram. Not so stable, but every season he scores more than 15 goals! At Totti, we see the number 10 figure of Platini, the mischievous Maradona. He has superb ability, adapt quickly to all uncertainties, sees his opponent’s moves, and has great technique that make Er Pupone so special.

But there is one thing that makes him unique. One afternoon in 1989, the Totti’s got an offer from the AC Milan youth team on pretty good terms. He refused immediately. Looking back more than 26 years, he has come a long way with Roma, the captain who was born in Rome and former Roma captain Giuseppe Giannini said: “Roma is everything for me, you have could wish for nothing more: that is passion, is sad and happy, is love, above all Rome is a group. I have always lived and died with Roma and will be like that “. His loyalty and talent are something that others are jealous of and want to own, and the owner Perez of the Santiago de Bernabeu team once offered to buy him out of admiration for his talent and quality, also bored from quit because “Totti can not buy” (Perez), “because I (Totti) grew up in Rome, until death I still want to play for Roma” (Totti told TV Show Contocampo).

The deeper he gets, the better Totti is. He became the oldest player to score in the UEFA Champions League, at the age of 38, the age where Eddie Howe held Bournemouth to play in the Premier League or Paul Scholes as commentator for BTSport. He is still there, in the middle of the ancient and magnificent capital of Rome, continuing to break records, recently 300 goals for AS Roma in Serie A or the most prolific shooter in the Derby della Capitale matches.

We can also see many times Il Gladiatore “selfie” in the stadium when breaking each future record, but if only, if only, Francesco could compete and succeed under the hands of coaching. Sir Alex. Giggs and Scholes have grown and reached the top of Europe and the world as such, thanks to the stability and coaching and training of a great stature coach, but Totti had to see more than 10 coaches during his career. your football career. Perhaps that’s why Totti was prevented from succeeding?

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