Lionel Messi: Because the best is still ahead (part 2)

Today we would like to show to you the next part of Messi’s brief stories

Fourth gift from Ronaldinho
“Kobe, look, I’m going to introduce you to someone who will soon become the greatest player in history,” Ronaldinho told basketball star Kobe Bryant.

At that time, Lio was only 17 years old. He was told to use the empty locker right next to his drawer, Ronnie. The creator of Lio’s first goal for Barca was Ronnie. And the proprietor that said Lio inherited his No. 10 shirt is also Ronnie.
For Ronnie, Lio was an excellent brother to whom he had taught. As for Lio, he was fortunate to start his career with a big brother, a legend of world football. Picture Ronnie piggyback Lio on his back every time the little brother scored the goal how beautiful.
Fifth gift: Pep Guardiola
Pep on the first day of the Blaugrana, Pep realized early on that Messi would become world number one and would be the club’s most important player. He defied the odds with other strikers to perfect the change in Messi’s playing style when he officially took on the role of “virtual No.9”, where there will be Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta as two co-stars. The team regularly supports him on the pitch.
Under Pep, he progresses through the season, his goals also increase year by year. He was free to play football, combined with the most creative midfielders to create the perfect script for the big wins. And people often say, Messi Pep is the most terrible Messi
Friday gift: Pablo Aimar
“Pablo Aimar has been my idol, I really like watching him play and I’ve watched his career from the early days of the River Plate.”
Aimar’s childhood, his dribbling, and his sharp passage made Lio’s dazed boyfriend. He plays football and learns his idol. And he always uses the opportunity to change his shirt when confronted with idols. Football fans like us secretly thanks to him because he is the one who inspired the passion of football in Lio, who inspired the talent. Therefore, Aimar in us is not only the mark of a handsome player, but also a place that is much more special. Because of you, Lio!
Saturday’s gift: The rivalry of Cristiano Ronaldo
The loser creates unexpected surprises in life. Fans of the past decade have always been drawn into controversy over their two idols: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. When Lio tried, Ronaldo tried, when Ronaldo rushed Lio did not shrink. When Ronaldo scored a hat-trick, just a few hours later, Messi responded with another hat trick. And when he has five yellow balls Ronaldo is also waiting for the fifth yellow ball in his career
But competition is not everything, at least for Lio. In The Flea tells the story of Lio, he shared: He never had negative thoughts about Ronaldo. He always praised the ability to shoot and kick the opponent.
Only once, when witnessing the tragic death of the late master Tito Vilanova, he suddenly realized the value of life that coach Vilanova brought back. He recalls the difficult days in Las Heras, but all was nothing with the pain Vilanova had to undergo.
After that day, he told himself to make every effort but never let himself be trapped by narrow thoughts or compassion. He told Mundo Deportivo: “Perfect is not obsessed”. There are things that are more important than achievement on the field, there are things that are not worth the money, what material to buy

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