Joe Hart – between doubt and adultery is a rope…

This is certainly the best season of David De Gea personally, since the Spanish goalkeeper is officially a “Red Devils”.

In the match against Bournemouth, he had 21 clean sheets in all competitions and 17 of them in the Premier League. The goalkeeper made the most saves in the top six of the Premier League clubs, including 16 clear-cut opponents’ chances, more than any of his colleagues at five. Leading European league this season.

De Gea has also been selected for the Premier League’s 2017/18 season, for the fourth time in a row and for the fifth time in six years. Surprisingly, it was De Gea’s first season in the face of the obvious opportunity to win the Premier League’s “Golden Gloves”. Criteria of the award was born in 2005, dedicated to the position of goalkeeper, the number of clean sheets kept. The goalkeeper does have the most clean sheets when the season is over, he “eats” the prize.

And De Gea has now 17 games without a goal in 34 Premier League appearances, ahead of his rivals Manchester United’s Ederson (14) and Thibaurt Courtois – Chelsea (13), are likely to win the “Golden Gloves” than ever. Sometimes, statistical data such as the number of goals lost at the least, the number of clean sheets at most do not properly reflect the talents and excellence of a “keeper.” But with De Gea this season, who holds the No. 1 spot in the squad and is very likely to end the season with the first “Yellow Gloves” in his career at United, there is absolutely no place for the paintings. argue.

If you look at the list of “Golden Gloves” every Premier League season since the first of 2005, we will surprise with a name. He was not the only goalkeeper who won the “Golden Gloves” the most, a total of four times, in comparison to Petr Cech – who deserves to be the 21st Premier League icon in the goalkeeper position. And he is even the only goalkeeper to hold this 4 out of 5 consecutive seasons. It is a goalkeeper whose talent and stability are always on the line of doubt and acknowledgment. He is Joe Hart, who just picked up his 31st birthday a few days ago, 19/4.

Joe Hart, one of the most famous football stars Shrewsbury ever produced. Joe Hart, a symbol of Manchester City’s ups and downs, has since been a top-flight club in the Premier League until the founding of a successful Empire under U.A.E. Joe Hart, the No. 1 pick in the England squad, in the most recent finals since EURO 2012. Joe Hart, the first English goalkeeper to play in Serie A Italy. Joe Hart, who was forced to give up his cricket favorite and then rise to the top of the league. Joe Hart, the first name removed from the city in the revolution of Pep Guardiola. Joe Hart, or very good, bad to bad. Or a Joe Hart – “victim” of the goals super. Everybody, among us, who has watched this goalkeeper, for England, for Manchester City,, for Torino and now West Ham, will have his own Hart.

Hart joined Torino, on loan from City of 2016, legendary goalkeeper of … Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon said: “In this age of football, apart from Manuel Neuer and David De Gea, Hart is definitely the outsider. best of the rest “. Buffon even criticized Pep Guardiola for deciding to push Hart out of Etihad after only two months as manager of City. With Hart, Buffon’s praise for him was more valuable than pushing a successful penalty to help the home defense victory in the dazzling. By Buffon, as Hart more than once admitted, is one of his great idols.

Other than the way the English and the media used to be for Hart, he brought him to the clouds after the excellent performances and drowned him when playing bad or make mistakes, in Italy, in the first and only season. Torino shirt, Hart is really a special phenomenon. Not many English players play and succeed in Italy, not to mention a goalkeeper – in a tournament full of “temple guard” excellence, but Hart on his official launch of Torino has created effects big to no surprise. Tens of thousands of Torino fans waited for him at the airport, all around the club headquarters during Hart’s first press conference in Turin.

Hart’s teammates at Torino used words such as “motivational” or “inspirational” when talking about Hart in the 2016/17 season. The effect of Joe Hart is so strong and so special, that before the first derby of Turin in the 2016/17 season, the Italian press focused on the golfer between him and the legendary Buffon on Juve. This is an unusual detail in modern day Derby della Mole by Torino, after decades of living in the shadow of Juve, was finally mentioned with real respect. Thanks to Joe Hart.

But Torino, Serie A, confrontations with Buffon, ended up being just a short lived experience in Joe Hart’s life. Because the new Premier League is where he belongs. Finishing a one-year loan spell at Torino, Hart returns to Manchester City and this time to West Ham, under another loan deal. At West Ham, Joe Hart started off in a way that could not have been worse, conceding seven goals in the first two games, having suffered a major loss to the veteran club – Adrian goalkeeper. But since West Ham appointed manager David Moyes, a native of Shrewsbury to Hart, the goalkeeper has recovered from a sting in the woodwork, helping West Ham advance from the bottom of the table to stay in the safe zone. relegated.
Hart has always been highly regarded for his ability to catch the ball, the command of the defense and the reflexes. But Hart has a weakness, although veteran players like David Seaman or Buffon repeatedly praise, rarely ranked in the ranks of the number 1 in the “guard”. Concentration. Hart can be very good in the game with the save save the spirit but Hart himself has many times conceded in the way unlike anyone. Hart is a record holder of the Golden Gloves, but he has also had a period, from Torino to West Ham, not keeping clean sheets in 25 games in a row. As in the latest West Ham clash, 1-1 of Stoke, Hart shakes his hand until he is vomited to make Peter Crouch the most scoring Premier League player in history. Stoke Club.

After the Seaman, Hart was probably the best goalkeeper ever produced by English football. But he is also the most controversial case. A goalkeeper possesses superior qualities but can not be the best in his position!

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