Batigol: Forgetting him is a crime (part 2)

It is easy to recognize people like Batistuta because they have a fire inside themselves. The flames keep them doing things passionately, perfectly but never satisfied. Their happiness is not in the destination, but in the way. Batistuta can only be happy for a few short 90 minutes, but it is the real pleasure, the pride of man step by step conquering his targets.
The only thing that blocked Batistuta from greatness as a football player was the greatness of his loyalty, his unconditional sacrifice for the purple jersey of Fiorentina.
Batistuta joined the team of Florence after making a strong impression in the 1991 Copa America, Argentina won the championship and he became the top scorer. In the first season he made the world’s hottest league match with 13 goals. In the 1992-1993 season, Batistuta scored 16 goals, but 16th was also Fiorentina’s ranking on the table. The team of cardigans fell to Serie B and only the miracles helped keep the star. In the end, only Brian Laudrup moved to the AC Milan champion, Batistuta stayed side by side with German-born player Stefen Effenberg with the mission of bringing Fiorentina to the top. They appointed Claudio Ranieri, who quickly regained the squad position, overwhelmed Serie B, won promotion and started ambitions in Serie A.
Effenberg returned to Germany and the Vittorio Cecci Gori brought on the potential midfielder Rui Costa. Batistuta fiercely boasted 26 goals, the scorer, four goals from compatriot Abel Balbo. The attraction from Batistuta spread throughout Europe. The two teams of Milan, Rome, Manchester Utd, Barcelona, … want to have his services.
“I like having a title with Fiorentina rather than ten titles with teams like Manchester Utd.”
Words can be slightly offensive to the Red Devils, but Sir Alex Ferguson certainly is not. In his illustrious career, he was not least denied by the players, most notably Alan Shearer. It is admirable that despite being rejected, the Scottish rulers have never denied their talent. On the other hand, the Sir Alex’s ignorance from time to time to try to recruit is evidence of his talent. Paul Gascoigne, Shearer, Ronaldinho and of course Batistuta are such players.
And indeed, Batigol has just one title in purple. It was the Copa Italia championship 1995-1996. In Serie A, Fiorentina can be said to be an outsider. They made a few markers in the 1999-2000 season, leading almost all but one run in the second leg, dropping to seventh overall.
For most of Fiorentina’s time, Batistuta and his team-mates were weak. No one in Florence blamed him. They all understand you owe too much. From a young hero, Batistuta has devoted his youth to them with many goals, but most importantly, they know he loves purple shirts no matter what. Day bye, his tears chilled numbness panic fire Artemio Franchi. A lot of people cried with him, on the stadium and on television, his fans and even neutral fans cried.
He described his feelings at that time:
“I felt terrible when I moved to AS Roma, because I could not fulfill Florentines wishes. I always look at Florence as a girlfriend. It is hard to explain your love
Batistuta paid off a terrible transfer fee for an AS Roma player in his thirties with the Scudetto title in his first season. He experienced a short supply of emotions, scored against Fiorentina and burst into tears, soon to be the Italian champion and witness Fiorentina poorly due to poor financial status. Batistuta also dressed in another Italian team, Inter Milan, when he was 34 years old. According to media speculation, the reason for the Nerazzurri loaned him from AS Roma is because Massimo Marotti president is extremely fond of Batistuta.
After the Batistuta retirement, he did not pursue a military career. There is a period when he almost retreats, finding fun in new sports such as polo, horse racing, golf. Until recently Batistuta came back and revealed a shocking moment:
“After leaving football I can not even go out every night. I urinate in bed even though the toilet is just 3 meters away. It was 4am and if I got up, I knew the pain in my knees would kill me. ”
“I saw Pistorius (a famous athlete) and thought this was a solution. I went to the doctor and told me to cut my leg. He looked at me as if he were mad. I insist I can not go on like this anymore. Continuous pain has put me in a bad mood. I can not describe my pain, I can not convey it in words. “

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